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For clients who want to install a long-lasting, affordable yet robust solution to heat trace, Underfloor Heating Systems. We offer a heavy-duty series of heating cables of self-regulating, constant wattage. We don’t simply sell heating cables and deicing heating cable but offer designing services.


As a result, we understand it in a way no other heating cable manufacturer can claim.


If you want advice from ANHUI HUANRUI about how heat trace and underfloor warming systems consisting of different heating cables should be designed and installed, we are your team. Plus, we are a professional producer for more than 10 years meaning we care deeply about your happiness and satisfaction.


Heating cables, heat tape, Roof De-icing Cable, self-regulating heating cable, heat coils, and gutter heating cables, constant wattage heating cables, underfloor heating mat are all items for the same thing.


We produce the finest heating cables for heat trace and underfloor warming systems in the world.


ANHUI HUANRUI HEATING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD, in conjunction with our sister company HIF, is engaged in heating cable business by clients all over the world.

The heating trace solutions approach, albeit more expensive than heating cables is aimed at addressing the underlying causes of ice dams.

We address issues with industrial and residential performance that needs temperature maintenance,Heat Trace Cable, heat loss replacement, thermal inefficiencies, roofing and home gutter deicing.

If you have done this business you know that ANHUI HUANRUI is the result of an interaction of many variables including insulation, ventilation and heat bypasses. ANHUI HUANRUI is the a large scale heating cable producing company in china that marries the technical abilities of an award winning diagnostic and construction team with an understanding of heating cables based on having exported thousands of them from around the around .

You can browse our website:

www.chinaheatingcable.com to see more.



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  • در صورتی که این صفحه دارای محتوای مجرمانه است یا درخواست حذف آن را دارید لطفا گزارش دهید.

Self-regulating heating cable is a unique invention, which is a flexible wire that is heated by electricity. At the same time, it has the property of regulating its own power, focusing on the surrounding temperature. That is, the colder the atmosphere, the hotter self-regulating cable. It seems to be adapting to the characteristics of its environment, and not all along its length.



The principle of the self-regulating heating cable is its internal arrangement. Roughly speaking, it consists of next three main parts:

1. Metal conductors - provide power supply;

2. "Smart" polymer matrix - it adapts to changing conditions and generates heat;

3. Isolation - there is used a whole "sandwich" of several materials.



The key element here is the polymer matrix. It is responsible for self-regulating properties. And literally every centimeter of it lives its own separate life.



That is, one segment can be colder or vice versa, hotter than another. And all this without any electronics, without any sensors and everything else - only a polymer base of "smart" material.



Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Company developed three layer co-extrusion technology for production of self-regulating heating cable, which help us manufacture high quality heating cable products.



Three layer co-extrusion technology of self-regulating heating cables is characterized in: the cables consist of two conductive wires with a low resistance transition layers, PTC semi-conductive matrix, inner insulating layer and outer insulating layer, metal braid and outer jacket. Among them the three layers — low resistance transition layer, PTC Semi-conductive matrix and inner insulting layer are extruded in one step.



Construction of self-regulating heating cable with three layer co-extrusion technology:

1.      Conductor

2.      Low resistance transition layer

3.      PTC Semi-conductive

4.      Inner insulation layer

5.      Outer insulation layer

6.      Metal braid

7.      Outer jacket

Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.


The traditional production process of self-regulating heating cables between the combination does not close, the air and impurities are not fully discharged, electric heating at high temperature for a period of time it caused by the metal electrode and the PTC heating element


The contact surface of the separation failure, resistance caused by fire, with three layers of extrusion technology development and application, effectively put an end to these potential risks, to avoid the fire, security.


The three layer with double insulation extrusion technology with the tropics, forming a two insulating layer of the production process in the three layer of the application with the extrusion technology, three layer with double insulation extrusion technology to improve the insulation performance with the tropics, increased mechanical strengthen extend the service life.



Several advantages of three layer co-extrusion technology:

A. Owing to three layer co-extrusion technology, the inner insulating layer wrapped the PTC semi-conductive matrix tightly. No gap, no air, no water, no oil and no impurities will contaminate the matrix, which reduces the cable decay rate.

B. Low resistance transition layer contacts the PTC semi-conductive matrix tightly, effectively reducing the current impact to the material of PTC, reducing the start current, and prolonging service life.

C. Because of the special nature of PTC semi-conductive matrix, almost all of the insulating material on the market will damage the PTC semi-conductive matrix more or less. The insulating material and PTC semi-conductive matrix we are using are made by our own exclusive technology. The insulating material can match the PTC semi-conductive matrix perfectly and doesn't cause any damages to the semi-conductive matrix.

Material properties:

Excellent weather resistance and anti-ultraviolet radiation.

High and low temperature resistance, -50°C—140°C.

Great insulating property. 2000MΩ per 100 meters.



Any demands on high quality self-regulating heating cable,

electric underfloor heating cable and snow melting heating cable, please contact with Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Company:




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  • در صورتی که این صفحه دارای محتوای مجرمانه است یا درخواست حذف آن را دارید لطفا گزارش دهید.

Area of application of Snow Melting Systems.

• roofs, overhangs of roofs and cornices;

• sidewalks;

• steps, entrance groups;

• ramps, ramps;

• car parking;

• entrances to multistory garages;

• sports grounds;

• helipads;

• Other open areas.


Systems of snow melting of a roof. Installation of snow melting systems.

With the "unexpected" arrival of a snowy winter for residents of every big city and cottage community, the main problem is cleaning the roof of buildings from huge deposits of accumulated snow. The huge weight of the accumulated snow can cause significant damage to the roof, damaging not only the roof covering, but also the roof structure itself. Restoration of damaged roof requires significant capital investment. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, experts advise to equip the roof with a reliable system of snow melting.


Universal system of snow melting of the roof.

The snow melting system of the roof allows you to effectively clean the roof of any shape from the accumulated snow with a minimum amount of energy. Essential and very effective assistance in the difficult work of clearing the roof of snow can provide snowmelt systems for roofing based on

Electric Heat Cable. There are no restrictions on the installation of snow melting systems.


The modern snow melting system for the roof is based on the use of modern automation and electric heating cables. The snow melting system is strictly structured and debugged, it does not require constant monitoring by the person. Electric heating cables do not consume electricity all day along, this process is regulated by rain and temperature sensors. Connected sensors activate the roof heating system only if necessary, saving your energy costs.


Specificity of the system, helping to get rid of snow on the roof.

The cable, which is part of the snow melting system, is mounted along the edge of the roof slope. Rolling snow to the edge falls on the heating cable and flows down. Melt water, obtained from snow, is removed from the roof surface through a system of drains.

Two different types of cables are often used in systems that provide electrical heating of the roof: resistive and self-regulating. Each of the types of cables has its positive characteristics, which ensure the reliability and optimal performance of the whole system. That's why these types of cables deserve special attention.


Resistive cable

Such a cable used in snow melting systems will attract many buyers with its low cost, simplicity in installation and subsequent operation. The constant power, distributed over the entire length of the cable, makes it convenient to use it on fairly large areas of simple roofs.


The use of two-core resistive Defrost Snow Heating Cables for installation in snow melting systems is the optimal solution as compared to single-core cables. The cable is additionally shielded with aluminum and has an insulation made of polyethylene. Also there is a coupling and a special ten-meter wire, designed to connect the cable to the power source. We can offer you several modifications having different power and length. Resistive cable is rated for 220-240 volts.


Self-regulating cable

Despite the higher cost, this cable is characterized by a higher degree of practicality. It is ideally suited for installation in certain sections of roofs, on which it is necessary to regulate the change in the heat release of the cable. The design features of a self-regulating cable allow you to significantly save energy consumed during operation. His work is directly related to the temperature of the surrounding air and the presence of snow on the roof.

This type of cable reacts to the temperature of the environment and the amount of precipitation. And the lower the temperature outside the window, the stronger the cable is heated. The use of a self-regulating electrical heating cable is based on the ability of some materials to change their electrical resistance, depending on the temperature conditions.

This type of cable used in snow melting systems is characterized by increased reliability and economy. Its main advantages include:

· The ability to automatically maintain the constant temperature of the heated surface,

· Energy efficiency less power consumption in places where it is not required),

· Excellent thermal protection, which guarantees high performance,

· Practicality (the possibility of obtaining a heating section of exactly the right length).


Any questions about roof snow melting systems, please refer:



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  • در صورتی که این صفحه دارای محتوای مجرمانه است یا درخواست حذف آن را دارید لطفا گزارش دهید.

When settling new, not yet known places our ancestors certainly faced with a number of problems that needed to be addressed. One of such problems was the comfortable heating of the home during the winter.



The first and most famous heating system is a fire, which was bred in the middle of the cave, its heat warmed the air, thereby creating a comfortable temperature.



Further, the heating systems were slightly "refined" and already represented special pits. From these holes through the pipes to the bedroom was heated air. This method warmed our ancestors long enough and very effectively in the conditions of a harsh winter. This is confirmed during excavations in the territory of Lapland. Near the town of Vuellerim there is a museum where tourists today can look at the oldest heating systems.



In the ancient settlement Arkaim, which is located in the Trans-Urals, archaeologists have found chimneys along the walls during the excavations. Chimneys were clay-covered grooves, covered with stones. They warmed the house during the cold season.



The chimney was used since ancient times and in the lower reaches of the Amur River.



On the island of Suchu our ancestors heated their house with the help of heat, which they diverted from the heat source. The pipes of the hearth were usually in the channels of clay polished poles and plaques. Such a system was very cumbersome and unsafe, it was easily ignited, because it was made of wood.



Water warm floor


Such a full-fledged heating system is an alternative to the classical radiator system. Modern designs of a water floor allow to use it in absolutely any buildings. Floor Heating Systems have found an active use in civil and industrial construction: houses, cottages, office and industrial buildings, etc. This system is universal and suitable for installation both in a new building and in an already constructed one, but one should remember about the inadmissibility of such an installation in an apartment, since special permits are required for this, which the relevant organizations do not issue because of a reduction in pressure in the pipes when installing them, which means that the neighbors will not "receive" heat in their pipes. The system can be poured into concrete or used lightweight structures. Under certain conditions, the water-heated floor can be installed with any floor covering.



Electric heated floor

By the nature of the structure, the floor can be:


1. cable,

2. film,

3. rod.


By the principle of heating, the electric warm floor is divided into:


1. convection,

2. infrared.


All kinds of such floor possess incomparable ecological advantages in comparison with radiator systems. In addition, they evenly distribute heat, and the principle of heat distribution is as follows: the main heat is concentrated at the level of the legs, at the head level the temperature is slightly lower, thus the human body is in the "optimal" state for it. The electromagnetic radiation of such a floor is much less than the permissible norm, therefore it does not produce any harmful effect.



The main difference between types of warm floor lies in the plane of their installation.



The film warm floor has versatility, it can be mounted on the floor, on the walls, on the ceilings. It can serve as the main source of heat, and an auxiliary heating system.




Floor Heating Cable is installed directly under the decorative cover, but when installing them, you need to take into account the location of bulky items - they should not work on the cable, so it does not go out of order.







The system of warm floor has been known since the times of our ancestors and is actively used today. This indicates its relevance and need for application. And if you consider the simplicity of their installation, as well as a low price for operation - for such heating the future.



More details about electric warm floor, please refer:




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Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 2007 with factory area of 31000 square meters as one of the most famous Chinese manufacturer of heating cables. Huanrui takes the job of research and development, production, sales and services of

self-regulating and constant wattage heating cable, electric underfloor heating system, water pipe freeze protection system, roof & gutter de-icing system, and etc.
Huanrui is equipped with advanced-integrated production facilities and international standard laboratory. We have 12 sets of braiding machines and 12 sets of extruding machines for production of all heating cables. For

underfloor heating mat – 7 production lines and one set of automatic production machine.

1. Walk-in high temperature oasthouse
Our oasthouse is the only one in China. Heat treatment is the necessary procedure to make PTC material enter stable working situations before delivery
And maintain the stability earlier and adapt to the working situations and conditions with more stability

2. Twin screw extruding machine
Imported from Germany, homogeneous mixing accomplished by the help of twin-screw structure and via gear engagement
With features such as high revolving speed, high torque, low power consumption and high production efficiency, which ensure the stability of the home-made insulation material.

3. Triple-layer core extruding machine
The only Triple-layer extruding machine in china mainland
We introduced in transitional layer while extruding the inner insulation to lower interfacial effect for better protection to PTC, decreasing starting current, improving insulation function and prolonging service life.

4. Internal mixing & prilling all-in-one
Made in Taiwan, China
With Hermetic working environment, clean mixing and consecutive operation will prevent foreign substance from mixing inside to enhance the PTC quality;
Machine operated as per data programmed, less mistakes of human operation to ensure achieving working conditions and consistency of PTC quality.

5. Experimental equipment
5.1 Thermal shock tester: the only one tester in China mainland ordered in accordance with IEEE standards for product service life, can do shock test of function and Attenuation rate to the cable in a period of 32 weeks by simulating the cable’s working conditions in next ten years .
5.2 High-low temperature tester: simulating cable’s working conditions as per different countries standards conducting tests on low-temp cold bending and mechanical impact. Lowest temperature -70℃.
5.3 Melting tester: test on material, efficiently monitoring the melting features of material bought or home-made in case of fracture.
5.4 Oscilloscope: accurately recording instant shock current and showing data curves to ensure the accuracy of data, which is an assurance of product reliability.

Any inquiries on

heating cable products, please contact with us: http://www.chinaheatingcable.com/

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It forecasts that it’s going to snow in this weekend, what a surprise!



In my memory there was never snow so early in one year, it seems we just enter winter at the early of December in the meanwhile in the north of China, somewhere there are already snow.


Winter is good and we long for winder with snow even though the public traffic would be terrible.



Then in winter things frozen like outdoor water pipes frozen, road surface with slippery ice, houses not cozy any more if you do not use your air-conditioner or turn on your house warming systems.



In China, self-regulating heating cable for

water pipe defrost and underfloor heating mat for house floor warming and snow melting heating cable and heating mat for road surface are not so widely used that even many guys do not know what it is.



After years of propagation of heating cable items for residential use are becoming more and more popular,



Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., ltd is the EXPERT producer for self-regulating heating cable for water pipe defrost and underfloor heating mat for your house floor and

snow melting heating cable built in concrete road, self-regulating and constant wattage heating trace cable for industrial use.



For more than ten years, our cable are widely distributed to all over the world and well recognized by our clients with good reputation, in the end of 2018, more than 20 kinds of new

constant wattage heating cables are in the research and development, soon we would provide more options for snow melting, pipe heating and floor heating use.



For more details please contact:


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  • در صورتی که این صفحه دارای محتوای مجرمانه است یا درخواست حذف آن را دارید لطفا گزارش دهید.


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